Nicaragua's Canal

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  1. Cheryl says:

    A pile of dirt one mile high on either side of the canal. Wow. All that dirt would end up IN the canal, and it wouldn’t BE a canal, anymore! Just like the Yangtze River Dam, this would be a spectacular failure, one that defeats its very purpose. Except for the hidden purpose: making a sh*tload of money for contractors and Wang Jing. This guy must be looking forward to taking a big bite out of investment dollars. With all the money being made off the project, he and the contractors won’t give a sh*t whether it succeeds or fails. Success is not guaranteed. No money-back guarantee for investors. As for the Nicarguensas? They can drink urine and eat mud-pies, if this project gets started. As for economic development for Nicas? If you call, chopping down their forests, strip-mining whatever’s of value, selling the exotic species as tasty delicacies, economic development, then sure. The future for Nicaragua if this goes through? Like I said: drink urine and eat mud-pies.

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