The ever-changing faces of York Boulevard

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  1. Sum Fool says:

    As a 40 year resident of HLP and York Blvd, I’ve seen the good and bad come and go. Yes, gentrification has arrived to this part of HLP and has also pushed out the less fortunate. It is what it is, but as a home owner, I won’t be going anywhere. And as a Latino, I welcome the change. As long as the new members of the community respect those who were here way before them, everyone will get along fine. One incident that caught my eye was notes left on Latino owned stores that read “you’re no longer needed here, you can leave now”. This type of behavior can start some serious trouble. Luckily it only occurred to a couple stores and soon forgotten. Again, it’s all about respect.
    Respect is earned not given.

  2. Ros says:

    I’m really proud of these two young men for this article that is well thought out and researched. Great insight guys!

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