Quiz: what the majors are like in bed

1. Diplomacy and World Affairs

2. Critical Theory and Social Justice

3. English

4. Theater

5. Economics

6. Psychology

7. Biology

8. Media Arts and Culture

9. Religious Studies

10. Math

11. Sociology

12. Urban and Environmental Policy

13. Kinesiology

14. Cognitive Science

A. masturbation

B. “Let’s make a sex tape just for us … and the art”

C. role play

D. soft cuddling, which is nice but you wish they would do a little more …

E. super confident but actually can’t get it up

F. missionary

G. a cardio workout


I. FEAST on each other

J. extra credit if you participate in your partner’s sleep study 😉

K. “hookup culture”

L. meiosis

M. oral (stage)

N. 69


 1. H, 2. A, 3. D, 4. C, 5. E, 6. M, 7. L

8. B, 9. F, 10. N 11. K, 12. I, 13. G, 14. J

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