Telefund cancels shifts in response to alumni unrest

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  1. Jon Elder says:

    In the final analysis, the OXY alum and student body will instinctively follow the true north of their moral compasses. The great OXY ship is currently drifting off course and everyone realizes it except for the captain and the officers that share his inner circle of command. Ego, pride and arrogance will not steer you to a safe port at the end of your journey. You must correct your course before the ship flounders upon the shoals of lost confidence, trust and respect. It’s never too late to do the right thing. In the scheme of things, the firing of Lt. Joe Cunje may seem like a small thing in the administration of a large institution of learning but then, little holes can sink big ships.

  2. Charles Bennett says:

    Tim Chang should never have been given the responsibility he has. It’s time for planar cleansing in ResLife.

  3. Charles Jordan says:

    I stop donating once they terminated Dale Wildolff the long time Oxy Football coach. This is just one more reason not to give any more…

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