L.A. Times fires reporter over perceived conflict of interest

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  1. Just another alumnus says:

    The journalist had an inappropriate relationship? What about the relationship between GF Bunting – the firm Oxy hired – and the LA Times? What about the fact that many of the rapists are still on campus? Those are far more inappropriate. If Oxy had pursued the rapists with the same determination as it did getting the reporter fired, it wouldn’t be in this massive disaster in the first place.

    If the legendary Joe Paterno can’t get away with a sex crime cover up, what makes the incompetent administration think they can? If they wanted lower rape stats, they needed to punish the offenders with something other than a book report.

    Hope you weren’t going to rely on that degree – Oxy’s reputation is just getting worse and will continue to do so the more the administration tries to cover it up. In a post-Sandusky world, the only right answer is to report sex crimes to the police. Anything less is epic failure on the part of the administration.

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