Alumni petition delivered to Veitch, calls for change from administration

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  1. Elizabeth Amini says:

    What was said was “instances of toxic indifference”. There’s no question that Oxy’s administration has taken some steps but the real question is simply: is Oxy substantially safer now?


    1. Is the campus free of the students who have been found guilty of rape or sexual assault? Or are they living on campus or returning back to school? You can’t claim safety while allowing perpetrators to return. The chances of them raping another student is too high. Letting someone like that back onto campus this shows a toxic indifference to the safety of the students and is especially cruel for the person who was raped and his/her friends.

    2. Why do you use the phrase “Sexual Misconduct” for your policy? Sexual misconduct is when someone flashes you. Call rape and sexual assault what they are: sex crimes. Referring to something so serious in such a casual manner sends a negative signal. The policy needs to be renamed “Sex crimes and Sexual Misconduct Policy”.

    3. Why was a book report given as punishment for rape and/or sexual assault? In what way can you be sexually assaulted where a book report is an appropriate punishment?

    4. What happened to the person/people whose judgment was so terrible that they thought assigning a book report would be appropriate? Have they been fired? They should have been fired immediately – at the very latest right after the first newspaper coverage. Most importantly, have the inappropriately light sanctions been reviewed and changed for those cases?

    5. What percentage of those who are found guilty of rape or sexual assault are expelled?

    6. Why does the health center not have rape kits or a SANE nurse? SANE training only takes 40 hours. Certainly student safety is worth 40 hours. The college should provide rape kits and help the police so that rapists can not only be expelled but also convicted and imprisoned.

    7. What was the official reaction to OSAC’s Grade Report outlining the current urgent safety problems that the campus is facing?

    8. Why are the Trustee Board meetings such a secret? It’s been hard to simply find the meeting date. While it’s understandable that portions of the meeting are confidential, there should be an open forum portion where students, faculty, alumni, and staff can have their concerns heard directly by the Board.

    9. What was the administration’s official reaction to the two votes of no confidence and faculty petition?

    10. What has happened to the administrators who discouraged survivors and intimidated their supporters? Are they still employed by the college? They should have been fired a long time ago.

    That’s what we call toxic indifference and it ends now. These problems will be completely addressed this month. No more promises, no more vagueness, no more talk without direct and immediate action. The administration had plenty of time to solve these issues on their own. If the Alumni are stepping in it’s because we consider the lack of proper safety to be an emergency.

    We’re meeting with Oxy’s President this Friday. We’re not here to ask easy questions or to brush things under the rug. We’re here to solve these problems together by the end of the month. We expect full cooperation from the administration and the Trustees during this time. Safety cannot wait.

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