ASOC election: statements from the candidates

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  1. Curious says:

    Were the candidates who are not listed in the letter above asked if they support a new VP of diversity? Because if not, that’s pretty unfair of them to frame it like they did…

  2. My name is Graham Garzon and I am currently running for Sophomore Class Senator. I was never given the opportunity to endorse the statement at the top of the article, and I think the same is true for some of the candidates for other positions.

    I would like to say that I am in full support of having a Vice President of Diversity and Equity within the ASOC senate. Promoting diversity throughout Occidental was a key aspect of my platform (which can be found in greater detail in the link below), and I believe having this position in senate would be very beneficial.

    Please consider me for Sophomore Senator when you vote this week!

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