Clay promises consistent policy enforcement

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  1. Chief Vic Clay says:

    Great article! Reasonable, respectful, and compliant, that is the key. Again, if there is excessive noise, trash strewn about the neighborhood, a wanton disregard for your neighbors , parties extending into the early morning hours, or if LAPD responds, then we have to [and will] document the event. Also, and most importantly, if underage drinking is observed, we will document and forward our incident reports to the appropriate student conduct personnel.

    We all know where the recurring party complaints are generated, since WE know, we are obligated to act.

    So, enjoy Oxy, enjoy celebrating responsibly, and be mindful of your neighbors – it’s really that simple. Delta sorority and the Kappas do it right, if you want to avoid trouble, follow their example.

    If anyone wants to talk about this, or any other concerns, feel free to email or stop by. It won’t cost much, just a nonfat white mocha frappacino.


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