Oxy United holds rally at admitted students day

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  1. Oswald says:

    I hope this continues to happen at all prospective student events! If rallies were held when I was touring Occidental, I would have made the right decision at the time to not attend.

  2. Joe says:

    If the administration ignored the students, does anybody doubt that these students would be attacking the college for that? But when the administration simply politely recognizes the group, it is accused of “co-opting” the movement. That is not constructive, it is destructive. It leaves no room for the administration to be right which means that the movement is attacking just to attack. Doing it in this setting undoubtedly turns parents and their students off, hurting admissions, rankings, etc. It does great harm to the alumni, students, faculty, and staff that all depend on a strong, prestigious Oxy institution to get into graduate schools and get/keep their jobs that enable them to provide for their family. Those people are us. The Oxy administration has royally screwed up for years, everybody knows that. But right now we are just hurting us. It is time to come together and build something.

  3. Malik says:

    Honestly I couldn’t agree more. If I had been warned about the politically toxic and victim fetish atmosphere that oxy students seem to love perpetrating before I made my oxy decision I never would have come here. I can almost guarantee that for every student who saw this as a positive experience, there are four or five that wont come to oxy specifically because of what they saw here

  4. Cepheus says:

    Personally, I’ve stopped endorsing Oxy grads for jobs on the basis of their
    education. My attendance was during the multicultural years (it was
    marvelous to be around such a subtle and amazing variety of intelligent
    It is an elite school – and in my opinion “elitism” has come to mean prone
    to chauvinism and culturally acceptable demonstrations of narcissism.

    Whereas shortly after graduating, my inclination was to see Oxy Grads
    as multilingual, well rounded, ‘globally” intelligent, historically informed
    compassionate people – now I see them as little more than empty suited
    sophists based on observed professional conduct in the “real world” and
    what gets presented on campus.

    Each student has more than $50K of annual resources to make something out
    of their intellect and surroundings. What it appears we have is a plague of
    persistent toxic politics (Oxy is a microcosm of the U.S.) of persistence that
    would even embarrass Camus – a fixation on a political fiction – debunked by
    science and still debated as if it were 1910 with activists that are an ernest
    pastiche of Walter Pleckerin a Che Guevara t-shirt.

    Seriously, Oxy Students need to develop the capacity to love other Oxy Students
    in the totality of their humanity. Learn to appreciate each other and the potential
    opportunities to grow with each other – really – most would consider themselves
    lucky to find themselves surrounded by such immense varied forms of intelligence
    and perspective if not for being distracted by golden apples.

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