Commencement speaker draws criticism

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  1. Jackson says:

    funny how ironic Veitch’s rhetoric becomes. “The calls to withdraw the invitation extended to Professor Kennedy reflect a disturbing trend in our national life and on college campuses… in which we are no longer willing to engage with ideas with which we disagree.” I feel like this is true. And, as such, Veitch refuses to ‘engage’ with the ideas with which he disagrees. And then, “To reconsider would send the wrong message to our students as they go out into the world and take up their role as public citizens.” Hmm. Being flexible and adjusting one’s actions based on the input received from people hurt by them? Awful. We don’t want citizens who exhibit that kind of behavior.

  2. Joe says:

    What about all the others who are “hurt” by a complete erosion of honest, intellectual, and vigorous debate that comes when you “be flexible” by allowing one group’s viewpoint to silence all others by claiming that the group is “hurt” by others’ viewpoints. We live in an open society that is driven by vigorous debate; if we can just shut down the debate because we are “hurt” by it; or as you euphemistically phrase it, “be flexible and adjust based on the input received;” we lose that. We lose who we are. So, yes, to reconsider would send the wrong message.

    And, on the point about Veitch not engaging and listening: Maybe that has been true in the past but I watched Veitch engage with you respectfully and agree to a number of absolutely absurd demands last fall. Then, I watched you folks respond by penning the most juvenile, crass, disrespectful, and utterly disgusting response to him that I have ever seen. The time of hyperbole and pretending that Oxy is some racist hellhole is over. It is time to come together and to listen without claiming to be “hurt” by those that disagree with you.

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