Occidental students experience emotional night as Trump claims lead

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  1. Douglas Teetsel says:

    Have you thought that it had nothing to do wirh racism, sexism or any other ism that rhe left likes to blame for not getting their way.

    The states that tipped it for Trump, the pink states, are almost all states that have a lot of mining and manufacturing. These states suffered the most under Obamas energy policy and Hilary is on record saying that she wants to put the coal mines out of business.

    The people here voted for JOBS!

    Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have not voted Republican in ages and the Democrats almost lost Virginia.

    The Democrats forgot about and in fact disdained much of the working class. Well, this election should remind them not to just pander to the cities and their insulated peoples.

  2. POPS says:

    The college age young adults don’t remember what the Clintons did the last time they were in the White House and, what they did when they left the white House.
    You all need to do some homework on the Clintons.
    Thank God they did not win.

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