An open letter from Roger Boesche

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  1. Sam B says:

    Thank you for posting this letter. It is so good to see faculty stick up for members of the Oxy community. It brought tears to me eyes to read about Joe’s getting fired, and Dennis Johnson as well. What is going on at my wonderful college in Eagle Rock? Very disappointed in this administration.

  2. Luis de la Cruz says:

    Thank you for posting this letter. Joe was my dad for the 3 1/2 years I spent at Oxy. I say that because he always introduced me to others as “my son, Luis” and I always saw him as nothing less than a father. I attribute so much of who I am to the guidance, love, and support of men like Joe. Of the years I spent as a student and Campus Safety employee I knew a handful of truths: Joe would never raise his voice at you, Joe would never lie to you, and Joe never got mad, and if he did he’d never show it. It makes me sick to my stomach that such a good man would be treated so poorly. I am now a firefighter, husband, and proud father of two. Joe, I hope I made you proud because I sure as hell am proud you and who you are. Thank you for your service, guidance, and love.

    Luis de la Cruz ’02

  3. Z says:

    Administration: Please set an example for the students by living the values you claim to be (and get fame for) teaching us. You are NOT showing the current students how to properly function in society as a better person Mr. Chang.

    It is not good business practice and higher level thinking to just swoop in and take over a department like that. It’s the kind of thing that people always talk about and criticize, yet you guys are doing it. If this was a startup company, you might have killed the startup.

  4. Patrick Guthrie says:

    Cheers Roger! You have always been a hero to me and this letter only confirms what I learned 30 years ago, a good man like you will not stand down where there is injustice, even to his own detriment.

    And to Mr. Chang, get over yourself already.
    Best regards,

  5. I know Joe only as “Cunje!”. The exclamation point is always included even though I’m probably too old to talk that way. I’ve yelped it out since my first week on campus whether he was giving me a ride or busting a party that had gotten a little out of hand. Like most normal teens and 20-somethings I pushed boundries, made mistakes, and at times got a little wild. Yet no matter the circumstances Cunje’s manner was exactly what you hope for in an authority figure; nuanced, fair, calm, and just. We respected him because he respected us.

    I love Occidental. I started my business in the Oxy library and SAE house. I built my business to serve Oxy students. After almost ten years I still end up on campus a handful of times each semester and without a doubt the best times are when I run into “Cunje!” He may not say it, but I can tell that he’s proud of us, proud that a couple of guys he had to rein in at times are succeeding, are using their Oxy degrees to build a growing business that started just a mile from the school. That’s the kind of officer you want looking after your students. That’s the kind of officer who can make a difference at a school trying to find its way again. That, tragically, is the kind of officer this Occidental administration fires.

    Robert Wicklund ’05

  6. Sam Betty says:

    Such a sad and infuriating story.

  7. Miguel Ali says:

    Great letter. I hope Joe gets put on Long Term Disability. He deserves it.

    With love and peace

    Miguel Ali – formerly Ali Hasan 2004

  8. Luz Pascua says:

    It is indeed very sad to hear of such utter disregard for all the good work that Mr Cunje had done for the school….an organization, that
    sadly is governed by the dollar amount….an organization that has LOST ALL CREDIBILITY AND INTEGRITY….I am glad no one in my family is there….as the deterioration in morals and integrity is not only painful to watch…but very saddening….we will try to bring the message to the outside world so that NO ONE WILL EVER STEP INTO ITS BLEMISHED PORTALS anymore….and for Mr Chang: how does it feel biting more than you can chew????

  9. Chris Gagne says:


    I’m saddened to hear about what’s happening to Joe. When I went to Occidental, I remember a college that lived by adherence to values, not avoidance of rule-breaking. This sounds like the former. Oxy, I hope that you’ll regain the luster you once had.

    Chris Gagne ’03

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