Letter to the Editor – April 16

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  1. Concerned Occidental Alumni says:

    We didn’t call for an anti-college war like your tweet suggests. We will give the Occidental College every change to cooperate with us to fix the safety problems at Oxy. We’re meeting with the President on Friday, and have left a message for Chris Calkins the Trustee Board Chair and if he ever calls back, we will talk to him .

    If April ends without new effective safety processes in place, we will stop collaborating, disconnect all direct contact, and escalate the situation until safety for students is achieved.

    The first goal will be to contact every guidance counselor referring students to Oxy and let them know what is going on at the school so they will be fully aware of what they would be sending students into. They should know – they should know now, in the fall, and every time a student is assaulted.

    Our second goal is put pressure on the school in various ways until they do the right thing. Our methods will be legal and persuasive.

    Frankly it shouldn’t take so long to solve safety problems. We look forward to solving this problem through collaboration in the next two weeks. If collaboration fails, we’ll need to solve this without looping in the administration. Safety for students is priority #1.

  2. Pam Marsh says:

    The alumni should be careful and thoughtful about their next steps. As a parent of a current female student and an alum of another institution, escalating the situation and facilitating a negative “vibe” about Oxy and decreasing giving will only cause harm to admissions and the student body at large. It is easy to be angry when the impact is not on yourselves.

    The sexual assault situation is all over the country. My own alma mater boasts a 1/3 rate of attempted or completed rape on campus with little media exposure. As a parent, I am pretty impressed with the steps Occidental is taking. That being said, there is room for improvement, however, Oxy is more transparent than most. I am less impressed, however, with a college professor who sleeps with a reporter, who is covering the sexual assault situation at Occidental.

  3. David says:

    Pam, are you still impressed with Oxy once you learn that they gave a serial rapist a five page book report as punishment instead of being expelled? What about the fact that the administrator who gave out the book report was never fired and is still in the same role at the college?

    Other colleges’ abismal records doesn’t excuse our own. It’s rare indeed to catch a rapist. That the college would squander the opportunity to expel him and instead put him back on campus is nothing to be impressed by.

    The bad vibe here is caused by the rapists and the administrators’ inaction, not by the alumni who have bravely stepped in to fight a battle that the students and faculty have been fighting for years.

    As for the professor, as long as the sex involved consent, no one cares. Take your outrage and direct it at all the non-consensual sex the administrators haven’t put an end to.

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