Building Relationships Across the Pond; Embracing Diversity in the Classroom

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  1. Robin Craggs says:

    Dear Lucy:

    Thank you for sharing your perspectives. I appreciate your points about getting involved and embracing intellectual diversity.

    While it is true that the 2 day international orientation YOU experienced was for exchange students exclusively. The orientation team included two Americans, then you and the other exchange students were integrated directly into Transfer and Exchange orientation for 4 days with many more Americans than exchange students. However, the FROSH spent only 1 day with IPO and integrated across all the Oxy-Engage groups with other Americans for 3 days.

    I strongly doubt that American students need to hear about international-US grade conversion or F-1 visa regulations.

    Best, Robin Craggs, Exec. Director, International Programs

  2. Marisa Grover Mofford says:

    Yes! I wish for all international students to meet and hang out with US American friends. Introduce yourselves in the classroom ~ become a cultural interpreter! International students are far from home and as your study abroad classmates will tell you, adjustment to a new culture can be difficult.

    It is true that International students participate in a dedicated International Student Orientation. It covers topics not offered in the New Student Orientation Program – including visa rights and responsibilities, cultural differences inside and outside the classroom, health and safety and allows some time to get over jet lag.

    But then, first year international students are mixed in with their US American peers for the New Student Orientation Program. Exchange students participate as well, in groups with transfer students.

    The International Programs Office sponsors a monthly International Coffee Hour open to all who are internationally minded. The next one is November 4 from 4:30 – 5:30 in the Atrium in McKinnon Center for Global Affairs. The entire campus is welcome!

  3. Daisy says:

    ” by senior year the cliques of Occidental are nearly impenetrable”

    Yes, this is so true.

  4. Daisy says:

    Yeah, but it’s also extremely important for the intl kids, especially the ones who are new to the US, to get to know and befriended some fellow intl students. It is essential for students in the the adjustment period to have people who they can get together with and talk about the challenges. It’s all about the balance.