Fail: Freshmen Required to Create Sexual Assault Memes

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  1. Sara Semal says:

    Without speaking to the issue at hand, as to whether the decision to do a ‘sexual assault meme’ was right or wrong, I would like to correct the article in that Emmons is not involved in FYRE, nor was it involved in creating or assigning this activity.

    Emmons prides itself on being a confidential resource for all students seeking medical or counseling services. We work closely with Project Safe to create an emotionally and physically safe space for survivors of sexual assault, as well as a resource center for all students who are concerned about their safety or well-being.

    According to Naddia Palacios, Program Manager and Survivor Advocate for Project Safe, the assignment described in the article was meant to be an activity designed to bust myths around common sexual assault misconceptions. Dispelling rape myths is a great way to identify and address mistaken beliefs around sexual assault that many individuals do not realize they carry. And yes, sometimes we use humor to dispel myths, but only as a means of making the topic more approachable, not to make light of a very serious issue.

    I know that this article is an opinion piece, but that does not mean that good journalism need not apply. I would encourage the author or any student to call, write, or drop in to see me if they have any questions about the services that Emmons provides or activities on campus that we are involved in. I would love to talk you about any of the issues going on on campus, about policies involving Emmons or Project Safe, or ways that you feel Emmons/Oxy can better support you.

    I look forward to getting to know you all!

    Sara Semal
    Senior Director Student Wellness
    Emmons Student Wellness Center

  2. Joe says:

    They never say in their article anywhere that Emmons was involved in creating the assignment (they quote from the website that you have wellness goals). You make up a straw man in order to try to discredit the article so you can discredit the opinion because you disagree with it. Instead of engaging in a constructive debate with students about this, you choose to attack and intimidate, and shut down the conversation by discrediting their voice. That is classic Oxy Student Affairs. The polar opposite of what it should be. How deeply disappointing.

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