‘Tragedy hipsters’ selfishly create hardship hierarchy, criticize media

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  1. Tariq Malik says:

    Great job Kara. I am glad voices are arising in the West to make people realize that the scourge of terrorism is a global phenomena. it is important for all of us to treat it with equal contempt and also treat its victims with the same honor. Only when this happens and the color and location of victims is not differentiated, will people be able to unite in this important fight. Media is the most effective tool of the terrorist, it should be spewing will contempt at their actions anywhere, not just in the West.

  2. Dr. Necessitor says:

    This is an excellent, thoughtful op-ed piece. I love an original opinion and you nailed it. FWIW, the attack in Lahore set me off, although primarily because it occured on Easter Sunday. I guess part of our ability to empathize is to have some kind of connection to the victims. Bummer.

  3. Dr. Necessitor says:

    I also enjoyed your thoughtful piece on the Republican Club. I’m a moderate but welcome the challenge of facing opposing views.

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