Classism underlies third-year off-campus housing policy

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  1. Alex says:

    “A current Resident Advisor (RA) who wished to remain anonymous said that she could think of three people off the top of her head who were approved to live off campus about whom she had personally submitted conduct reports. In those reports, she said that she believed it would be unsafe for them to live alone.”

    Yep- sounds like Oxy’s completely non-transparent administrative structure. I bet the three of them knew a dean who fixed it up for them. When I went there I got in some trouble after drinking at an off-campus party and I personally knew a dean — and voila–all disciplinary action disappeared.

    Students should transfer to another institution instead of dealing with this crap.

    Students need to realize that this kind of paternalism is rampant from Veitch down though the ranks and it results in a generalized arrested development among the student body. Best thing would be to transfer to a school that realizes that it’s the students who are paying for six figure salaries of the school admins who make these silly rules and knows they can be held accountable.

    I am now finishing a PhD program and, in retrospect, the fact that I went to Oxy didn’t mean a whole lot more than going to any other 4-year institution that I might have chosen instead. I have colleagues that graduated from a range of different public and private schools.

    At Oxy they tell you that their education positions you for some kind of particularly bright future, but that’s bollocks. Whittier, Loyola Marymount, Cal State wherever, etc.–grad schools and employers all see the same thing. It’s a friggin BA (or BS), it doesn’t matter where it came from once you are done. Transfer and save yourself from the suffocating debt that will follow you for years or even decades.

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