Letter from the editor: Dislike both candidates? Then vote for Hillary

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  1. Fabian says:

    ‘Oh stein doesn’t believe in vaccines so don’t vote for her’ (actually not true she simply doesn’t trust big pharma and the hold they have on people. You clearly don’t keep up with what Stein says in her interviews)
    also Hillary supports fracking and creating a no-fly zone over Syria which puts us in direct conflict with Russia. Get ready for some more war with more dead innocent children in the papers.
    I love that this is your argument.

    Not believing in vaccines > Killing innocent civilians & supporting the destruction of our environment


    And I’ve watched a number of 9/11 debunking documentaries (hours of this shit) and there are some serious arguments to be made about the melting point of steel. (an individual took steel beams to show what temperature steel could be heated to by jet fuel, then by burning magnesium deposits (installed for the purpose of demolition – the supposed explosions we saw in the videos of the towers coming dow) the metal could be heated to a point where it was somewhat malleable.) I do however personally believe it was as simple as a cascading failure throughout the structure of the building as the top part collapsed downward, but I have not ruled out the possibility that it was an inside job.

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