Letter from past editors reflecting on the occupation

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  1. Man with the Axe says:

    Newspapers don’t exist to allow people to create their own narratives. That is what propaganda is for.

    Just because protestors are black, or obsess on some other group characteristic that makes them believe that they are “marginalized,” does not give them any more privilege than anyone else, including white people, to control the narrative of what is happening during events of public interest. When they say they want to “control the narrative” they mean they want to create a false impression of what is happening, so as to make themselves look better than they really are.

    It is a shame that obviously intelligent students (or they wouldn’t be editors) at a prestigious college could be persuaded that they should not be objective, that these self-styled marginalized people should not have to contend with differing opinions. The truth is that these marginalized people are playing you for suckers. They are going to use their false victimhood to lord it over you oppressors who have so much (undeserved) guilt and shame. They don’t have to refute you with better arguments. They don’t have to be able to martial facts. They just have to invoke their victimhood, their “marginalization,” and they win any debate.

    Check your privilege, you middle-class cisgender heterosexual white people. I don’t know how you can even stand to live in such a repressive atmosphere as this college.

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