As Jews we should welcome the Trump-Hitler comparison

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  1. Man with the Axe says:

    There are so many things wrong with Trump. But you go too far. If your purpose is to have a personal catharsis over his election, I can understand what you wrote. But when you put it in the newspaper I presume your purpose is to convince, and on that score you fail, because, as I said, you go too far.

    You wrote: “…both hijacked economic anxieties and insecurities of declining international influence on the world stage.” Well, so did Obama. He was elected largely because of the financial meltdown that occurred just a few weeks before the election, and also because of the public’s weariness over the wars in the middle east. In fact, such anxieties, economic and national security, are the crux of every presidential election. Your use of the word, “hijacked” is slanted. At least as it pertains to Trump, he used these anxieties the way every candidate has since Jefferson and Adams.

    You wrote: “…Trump depicts the 21st century Muslim American as suspicious, secretive and threatening…” I know that on college campuses today only white males can be stereotyped and pigeon-holed based solely on their race. But no one, not even Trump, says that all Muslims are threatening. Rather, his point is that a sufficient number of Muslims are threatening that we need to do something about the threat. Since you wrote your article how many lives have been lost in Berlin, in Ankara, and elsewhere? There were a lot of attacks in 2016, and pretty much all were carried out by Muslims. There is no parallel to German Jews on this issue. Hitler made up stories about Jewish mischief, but there is no need to make up stories about Muslims. The reality is bad enough. And don’t get me started on the Muslim treatment of women and homosexuals.

    You wrote: “I wholeheartedly hope that Trump is not genocidal.” I have seldom heard such hopes expressed about someone who, so far as we know, has never killed anyone or given any reason to think that he was interested in wiping out whole peoples. Now, he may turn out to be genocidal, but then so might have Hillary, for all anyone knows. I wouldn’t say Obama was genocidal, but on the other hand he doesn’t seem to have lost any sleep over the near genocide of the Syrians or the Yazidis. Maybe half a million dead, and not a finger lifted to stop it.

    But I’m going to guess that you like Obama, because he calls terror attacks “man-caused disasters” or “workplace violence” and in doing so white washes the threat of Islamic violence that is currently tearing Europe apart and has not left us untouched.

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