Feeling uncomfortable, laughing anyway: Humor helps us cope

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  1. Man with the Axe says:

    Very interesting. As I’m sure you know many of the best liked and most successful comedians are refusing to work colleges because they find the audiences unwilling to laugh at things that they believe should be taken seriously. Hence, there is very little humor that is acceptable to these audiences today.

    From what little evidence I have it seems to me that too many people, especially on the left, are only willing to laugh at humor that confirms their political viewpoints. Take the joke you mention about being killed by either a bear or a cop. Liberals will find that hilarious, even though the subject matter is deadly serious, because to them being killed by a bear or a cop are equally random and undeserved events. I can see why it’s amusing. But the vast majority of people who are killed by bears are minding their own business, whereas the vast majority of those killed by cops are not.

    Flip it around, and make a joke about how black people riot over even a justified police shooting, like that of Michael Brown, and in rioting burn down their own neighborhoods. See how man laughs you get.

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