Black girls’ hair is not yours to co-opt

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  1. Douglas Teetsel says:

    Braids have been used by my cultures in many times. They are not just a black woman thing. I am glad you have confidence but your experience is also making you myopic and racist yourself.

    I hope that you find your ability to accept all peoples again and realize that things are not just for one people but for all. Even if your arguement had validity (it does not) you should realize that the appropriation if something by others shows its acceptance which is what I thought we were all striving for. To claim it as solely your own or just one particular groups you set the stage for confrontation and dislike.

    It is possible for people of many backgrounds to enjoy the same thing and this should not be discouraged.

  2. Man with the Axe says:

    In the 50s and 60s and 70s it was public accommodations, education, right to vote, and that sort of thing. Now it’s hair styles. Things are tougher on blacks than ever. No wonder they are so angry.

    Someone asked me yesterday why it is that race relations seem worse than ever after 8 years of Obama. This article explains it all.

  3. The Real Mr. Teetsel says:

    Your way of challenging popular notions of beauty, and your honesty in portraying your experiences is really amazing!

  4. Douglas Teetsel says:

    To the Real Mr. Teetsel, Do Not steal my name. Use your own.

  5. amerikkka says:

    Yes, braids show up in many cultures. But this article specifically discusses traditional hairstyles worn by black women (box braids, cornrows, dreads) that when worn by white women are seen as a fashion statement rather than a means for discrimination. Just like the author stated, when black women wear these hairstyles, it is a justification for discrimination in the workplace, by police, and by society. Additionally, this is just one factor of discrimination that black women face in the American society, where the afterlives of slavery still persist. We are still subjected to silence, violence, and oppression by dominant society to this very day. One of the main reasons Trump got elected is because we had 8 years of Obama, but that’s another story. @man with an axe

    “I hope that you find your ability to accept all peoples again and realize that things are not just for one people but for all.”
    I wish it was that simple. The principles of this country are founded upon racism and ruthlessly taking from black and brown bodies and communities. Yes, it is just a hairstyle, but negative connotations associated with black women who wear these hairstyles do not apply to white women, simple as that. White women get praised for doing things black women have beeeeeeen done did and call it their own, while black women are ridiculed for wearing our hair in ways we have for centuries. Black is not a trend. Like Amandla Stenberg said, when are y’all gonna love black people as much as you love black culture?

  6. Man with the Axe says:

    Assuming you are correct about this, wouldn’t it be better for black women if white women copied their hairstyles? If black women get hassled for wearing a certain hairstyle that would likely cease after the hairstyle became mainstream.

  7. Douglas Teetsel says:

    Man with the Axe. You have no logic. Tmes are not tougherfor the black man from my perspective. There are many successful black men accross many industries here in the US. And just look at the complaints now, cultural appropriation of hair styles and hoop earrings. Forget that these arguements are weak, they hardly rise to the leel of issues from the past.

    Racism is a worldwide issue and is practiced by all races. It is wrong headed but it is real. To try to make racial issues out of thing like hair style is just an excuse by the authors own racial animus and by your defense of her views, yours as well.

    And for all its imperfections, the US constitution is the most fair expression of human rights and the preserverence of all peoples rights. There is not another counry in the world that protects all groups as we do in the US. Do we need to improve, yes we do, but these types of arguements and declarations of ownership of things like hair styles only serve to set us back not move us forward.

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