Enough is enough: No more national days

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  1. dinguskhan says:

    how has NOBODY commented on this yet? I swear I’m the only one who’s going to pull his hair out at this crap. Not the article, the subject matter in which it speaks. NO MORE STUPID NATIONAL HOLIDAYS FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! You’ve made the perfect point – all the days that really do matter and serve purpose, are now lost within a sea of ridiculous consumerism GARBAGE and I am in just utter awe that people are so blind and stupid. I don’t care how negative I sound, I just cannot believe there aren’t more people annoyed by this. I would love to slap the mouth of every single half wit who thinks this is a cute idea just to get more likes on Facebook. MAKE IT STOP. FOR THE LOVE OF (insert deity of all color, gender, ethnicity and size so as to not offend everybody)

    And to clear things up, I am not offended. I am sick to death and annoyed by idiots. There is a difference.

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