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Letter to the editor: Faculty say the administration has quelled student voice

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  1. Douglas Teetsel says:

    This letter is self serving palp. The left continuous uses intimidation and acts of violence against those with whom tjey think they disagree.

    The 9/11 memorial is a great example.

    Another great example is their reaction when a counter message was written nearby a SJP protest. They called it an act of vandalism and filed a bias report. Their memorial was not touched but they did deface the oppsing message.

    The left considers no opinion but their own to be worthy of hearing. The rest is denounced as hate speech and the person expressing that view is harrassed.

    Occidental is a very intoletent campus, but not for the reasons expressed in this letter. It is intolerent because the left uses the tactics they say they fear in others in order to control the situation.

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