About the Team

Ryder Bennell

Arts and Culture Editor

Ryder Bennell is a sophomore from Maine. An avid traveler and lover of the outdoors, Ryder is often found sipping Kombucha in the Green Bean or driving his beloved Saab through the Angeles National Forest.

Brighten Winn

Business Manager

Brighten Winn is a first year from Ventura, California. She pole vaults and high jumps for the track and field team here at Occidental. She loves being outdoors and the ocean. She plans to major in Kinesiology and minor in Spanish.

Shawn Cremer

Communications Director

Shawn is a senior majoring in Diplomacy & World Affairs. Originally from Denver, Colorado, Shawn has worked at The Occidental for three years: in the layout department, as Features editor and now leading the Public Affairs team. He is passionate about good storytelling and design and plans to incorporate both into his future work.

Max Harrison-Caldwell

Community News Editor

Max is a Spanish major in his final year at Oxy. When he’s not at his internship with Inline Translation Services or working on local news stories for The Occidental, he likes to skateboard and play long games of chess with his housemates. He hopes to continue his translation work and write for a skateboarding magazine after graduating.

Molly Kauffman


Molly is a Theatre major who is always busy from her Performing Arts Facilities job as Stage Technician, to her technical theatre labs, New Play Festival or being in the Spring 2018 production at Oxy, ‘The Winter’s Tale.” When she is not preforming on campus she is preforming stand up comedy around LA or taking improv classes.

Samantha Pess


Samantha Pess is a first-year photographer for The Occidental who’s run a freelance portrait business for a few years. Her intended major is Media Arts and Culture with a History minor. She’s from Seattle, Washington, and spends her time working for ODS, drawing, practicing foreign languages, playing piano and otherwise partaking in all the arts she can get her hands on.

Nora Fujita-Yuhas


Nora is an undeclared first year photographer from Seattle, Washington. She misses the rain, and enjoys hiking, frisbee, and eating bread. Although News is her favorite section to photograph for, she prefers an abstract and architectural style of photography.

Spruce Bohen


Spruce Bohen is a first year from Woodstock, Vermont. She loves the outdoors and is potential UEP major! Spruce became passionate about photography on a trip in India during her sophomore year of high school.

Georgia Arnold

Photographer / Videographer

Georgia Arnold is a junior MAC major and Art History minor. She keeps herself busy by photographing all things, climbing rocks, and playing with dogs.

Natalie Ray

Staff Writer

Natalie Ray is a sophomore English major from Austin, Texas. This is her second semester working for The Occidental, where she most enjoys contributing to the Culture and Opinions sections. Outside of The Occidental, you can find her reading, doodling, playing for the Occidental Women’s Rugby team, and consuming inhuman amounts of mac ‘n’ cheese.

Sarah Gooderham

Staff Writer

Sarah Gooderham is an undeclared first year originally from Toronto. In addition to being a staff writer and for the Occidental, she is a member of the Student Labour Alliance and the College Chorus. She is passionate about environmentalism and intersectional feminism. In her free time, Sarah plays the baritone ukulele, paints and knits.

Etana Voloshin

Staff Writer

Etana Voloshin is a first year who is planning to double major in MAC and Comparative Studies, Literature and Culture. She is from Chicago, IL. Her goal is to work in the entertainment industry some day as she loves anything to do with the arts.

Varty Yahjian

Staff Writer

Varty is a junior comparative studies in literature and culture major who likes adverbs, udon noodles and being five minutes late. She wishes that her major was just called “comparative literature.” Her hopes for the future are to live in a world where people stop feeling the need to hold the door open for people 20 feet behind them.

Elizabeth Brewer

Staff Writer

Elizabeth is a first year from New York City. She is also a member of the swim team and Kappa Alpha Theta. This is her second semester writing for The Occidental.

Peri Wallent

Staff Writer

Peri Wallent is a sophomore from Seattle. She is a cognitive science major with a UEP minor. Outside of writing for the Occidental, Peri enjoys running, pottery, and her cat Ned.

Allen Chen

Staff Writer

Allen is a junior American Studies and sociology major, with a minor in East Asian Studies. Drawing on his qualitative sociology training, he finds most enjoyment in the interviewing process — extracting eloquent quotes afterwards is especially satisfying. Professionally, he wants to showcase cultural sociology through new media.

Brendan Galbreath

Staff Writer

Brendan Galbreath is a sophomore MAC major and Interdisciplinary Writing minor. He played baseball throughout high school, including one year of varsity baseball at Oxy. He is the Vice President of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on campus. He enjoys eating delicious vegan food and watching movies in his free time.

Zach Goodwin

Staff Writer

Zach Goodwin is a first-year Diplomacy & World Affairs major, most recently from Pacific Grove, CA. Zach grew up as a Navy brat (#BeatArmy) and moved frequently (four countries, four U.S. states). He often looks to reflect this multicultural upbringing in his writing. Zach is also a member of Detox, and hopes to participate in Oxy’s UN program.

Serena Pelenghian

Staff Writer

Serena Pelenghian is a first year from Arcadia, California. She plans on majoring in English or Critical Theory and Social Justice, and double minoring in Education and Religious Studies, with an emphasis on Creative Writing. Pelenghian aspires to write her own novel one day.

Esmé Epstein

Staff Writer

Esmé Epstein is a first-year at Occidental College. She is from New York City and describes herself as a “New Yorker” through and through. In her free time she likes to bake, go to concerts, and try new coffee places.

Eliot Brody

Staff Writer / Copy Editor

Eliot Brody is a first year from Portland, Oregon who mostly covers news, community news, and sports. He is an avid follower of English Premier League soccer and an intramural soccer player at Oxy. He is obsessed with music, and enjoys doing everything from listening to music to creating it.

Stella Ramos

Staff Writer / Copy Editor

Stella Ramos is a first-year from Seattle, Washington. She is undeclared at the moment, but is planning on minoring in writing and is considering both English and DWA as majors. When she’s not writing, Stella works at the CDLA and dances with PULSE, Hyper XPressions, and DancePro! She loves puns, journalism, and poetry!

Young Jae Kim

Web Editor

Young Jae is an undeclared first-year who is interested in majoring in Media Arts & Culture. He was born in South Korea, raised in Honolulu, HI, and now has arrived here in Los Angeles. If he could, he would eat pho for every meal, every day. He hopes to one day pursue a future in marketing and/or tech business.