Meet the team


Shawn Cremer:

Shawn Cremer majors in Diplomacy & World Affairs and minors in Interdisciplinary Writing. His main academic curiosities are the roles of law and art in advancing human rights and the justness of society. He is a lifelong resident of Denver, Colorado and tends to write on cultural events, environmental issues and liberal arts matters. He believes in the importance of critical thinking and non-homogenous communities.


Margaret Su:

Junior sociology major, English minor who likes to think she has an excellent command of the written word. Although born in Los Angeles, she grew up in Hong Kong, and is thus somewhat removed from American culture in a way that many of her peers may not be. While she enjoys both reading and writing pieces across the newswriting spectrum, she most enjoys crafting profiles of interesting individuals. Additionally, she indulges in non-written forms of artistic expression including photographing food (and people) and knitting pseudo-practical objects.


Genevieve Babcock:

Genevieve Babcock is originally from Chicago. She is the Humor section editor and also the Humor section’s biggest contributor. She hopes to one day be in print.


Griffin Wynne:

Griffin Wynne writes Wynne’s World, a running humor/lifestyle column in Opinions. It used to be bi-weekly, but now identifies as pan-weekly.  This year, she’s one of the two Culture section editors and a contributor for the Humor section. Wynne is a militant intersectional queer feminist survivor and that (hopefully) comes out in her work.


Flora Adamian:

Flora Adamian is a junior Diplomacy and World Affairs major/German minor from Los Angeles, CA. Her specific academic interests include genocide studies and international human rights law. She loves political theory, poetry, yoga, and running. As a journalist, she prefers to write news and culture articles. In addition to being Managing Editor, she is also involved in Honor Board, the Armenian Students Association, Karate Club and formerly worked as a Resident Advisor (RA).


Benjamin Salkind:

Benjamin Salkind is an opinions editor, occasional columnist and layout extraordinaire for The Occidental Weekly. He is a junior philosophy major who loves to facilitate unique dialogue in both his essays and articles. In spring 2017, he will be studying abroad at the University of Bristol in England to further improve his critical thinking and writing skills.


Nolan Watson:

Nolan Watson is a sports editor and aspiring writer for the Occidental Weekly. He is a senior economics major and baseball player from Bellevue, WA with a passion for politics, entrepreneurship and general contrarianism. He will be graduating in the spring of 2017 and looks forward to several months of unemployment followed by several decades of underemployment. If you know of any job leads, he can be reached by email at


Staff Writers:

Naomi Brauner:

Naomi Brauner is a sophomore Religious Studies major with an emphasis in Philosophy. She is originally from South Orange, New Jersey––the same home town as Lauryn Hill, Zach Braff, and SZA, all of whom Naomi claims to know intimately. She wants to pursue a career in journalism, and came to the Weekly to strengthen communication between the Occidental community and the administration. Naomi spends her free time watching make-up tutorials, figure drawing, and running.


Nellie Farrow:

Nellie Farrow is a sophomore Studio Art major and Interdisciplinary Writing minor from New York City. In her free time she travels, goes to concerts and museums and works at the Green Bean.


Ivan Derrick

Ivan Derrick is a freshman Economics major and interdisciplinary writing minor from London, England. He joined the weekly staff to improve his journalistic skills. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and soccer and listening to music.


Gabriel Parra

Gabe Parra is in his third year at Occidental College and majoring in Diplomacy and World Affairs. As part of The Occidental Weekly he hopes to contribute a new, different perspective for the public dialogue. Having spent a semester abroad, he aims to travel more and learn new languages.


Ryder Bennell

Ryder Bennell is a first year from Freeport, Maine.  Writing has always been a passion of his, especially journalism. His love for the outdoors and adventure brought him to sunny Los Angeles.


Kaylie Treskin

Kaylie Treskin is a freshman from Seattle, Washington. She joined the Weekly because she believes that journalism can encourage understanding between people that hold differing political, ethnic and social values. Her other interests include photography, hiking, music and Netflix.


Kate Clark

Kate Clark is a sophomore Psychology major and Politics minor from Philadelphia, PA. She joined the Weekly because she loves the journalistic process and Oxy. She also enjoys running, volunteering with kids, reading nonfiction, and baking somewhat-healthy desserts.  


Julia Murray:

Julia Murray is a senior staff writer from Portland, OR. She is interested in writing about issues of social concern including (but not limited to), gentrification, political movements, globalization/American imperialism, identity, art, events in the greater Los Angeles area and any other subversive happenings which might ordinarily be considered too fringe to be covered.


Hannah Kohanzadeh:

Hannah Kohanzadeh is a photographer for the Weekly. She is also a senior, DWA major and history minor. She is a local from Santa Monica, California. Hannah is serving her second term as co-President of Oxy Hillel reflecting her commitment to her Jewish community, representing religious minorities and expanding the definition of diversity to include religion on campus. She staunchly supports dialogue between parties to increase awareness and learning, even when the dialogues are uncomfortable and especially when there are differing opinions.


Kristine White:

Kristine White is a first-year staff writer. She is half Filpino, half Irish, and she lived in Canada, until moving to Seattle after elementary school. White is passionate about women’s rights and racial equality. Her areas of expertise include the visual and performing arts as well as making terrible puns. Outside of writing for The Weekly, you can find her obsessively quoting “Hamilton,”  looking up cake recipes or attempting to understand calculus.


Frida Gurewitz:

Los Angeles born and raised, Frida got her start in journalism through comic reviewing.  Though she’s still got one foot in the geek world, she has currently branched out into other ventures. She is a senior English major.


Ethan Reznik:

Ethan Reznik is a first year at Occidental. Due to his hometown of Claremont’s political diversity — with five liberal undergraduate colleges, as well as a sizeable conservative retirement community, he has been able to explore both sides of political issues before forming educated opinions. American politics is his expertise, which is why he wrote an entire election recapitulation—covering federal, state, county and local politics — for his high school newspaper after the 2014 midterm election.  In addition, his journalistic interests include investigative journalism, data journalism and broadcast/video journalism — all stemming from successful experiences with those branches of journalism.  


Christopher Peel:

Chris Peel was raised in South Florida but is more recently from the state of Colorado. He is a product of American suburbia, private schooling and living in a swing state. He is curious about practically everything, but as a journalist, he is interested in understanding how humanity is shaped by modern urban conditions and the injustices that emerge from them. Peel covers news, features and occasionally writes opinions.


Elena Kervitsky:

Elena Kervitsky is a first year at Occidental, anticipating a major in Diplomacy and World Affairs with a Philosophy minor. Growing up in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, she was surrounded by politics her entire life and this certainly influenced her interests, and more specifically, her love for journalism as the backbone of the political process and a way to make politics more accessible to the general public. At the Weekly, she hopes to have the opportunity to write for all sections covering a broad range of topics, but she hopes, specifically, to contribute significantly to news, opinion and culture.


Mel Devoney:

Mel Devoney is a senior biology major from Amherst, MA who is partial to reporting and blogging about all things sciency. She enjoys being on the move; either running for Occidental’s cross country and track teams or traveling internationally for various journalism and environmental science opportunities. She has written for the Weekly since her first year at Occidental and she spent three months in the El Yunque rainforest of Puerto Rico for a summer journalism internship. She aspires to be a wildlife biologist or a National Public Radio science correspondent.


Ann Garber:

Ann Garber is from Dover Delaware. She is a first year, but has experience writing for her high school’s newspaper and heading their literary magazine. She never really focused on one section in the newspaper, she just wrote about whatever came to mind, but they were often news articles, opinions or articles with helpful information and tips for other students. She looks forward to sharing her opinionated voice with the Weekly.


Emily Henderson:

Emily Henderson was born in Washington state and raised on NPR, liberal politics and Starbucks coffee. At Occidental she is majoring in Media Arts and Culture, which she uses to justify her time spent watching movies and TV on Netflix. She loves being in a big city like LA and will take any excuse to get off campus and go exploring in her red VW bug.


Matt Riback:

Matt Riback likes to share his opinion, make cross-cultural connections and speak to the shared human experience.


Sana Vasi:

Sana Vasi is a senior Diplomacy and World Affairs Major and Interdisciplinary Writing Minor. She lived in Singapore for fourteen years before moving back to California for college, and struggles with strangers ‘complimenting’ her on her “really good” English and “flawless” American accent. While growing up in an international environment gave her insight into a myriad of different cultures and communities, it also made her question her identity and sense of belonging—something she is still figuring out today.


Maeve Barry:

Maeve is a sophomore and first-time staff writer for the Weekly. She is a potential English major from Amherst, Massachusetts. Maeve is passionate about feminist issues and writing and in her free time enjoys yoga, surfing and spending time with her two dogs.



Kevin Oh:

Kevin Oh is from Bellevue, Washington. His strengths are in layout design but he’s trying to expand his interests to other areas of journalism.


Daryl Barker

Daryl J. Barker is a senior Politics major and Art History minor from Santa Monica, California. He has worked for the Weekly since Spring of 2015 as a staff photographer. Prior to attending Occidental he served for six years in the United States Navy where he served in Submarine Atlantic Fleet. His interests include politics, with a specific focus on political involvement and efficacy, as well as, issues surrounding access to education, juvenile incarceration and learning equity.


David Avery

David Avery is a senior English and Philosophy major from Oakland, CA. He joined the Weekly staff because he believes that in today’s tumultuous world, the Oxy Weekly provides students with information and insight into what’s going on in their local, national, and global communities. David is also a member of the Oxy swim team. He enjoys reading, writing, taking sly pictures of dogs around campus, and spending time with friends.


Jeremy Bloom:

Jeremy Bloom is a junior Media Arts and Culture and Economics double-major from Chicago. This is his third year as a staff photographer for The Weekly where he specializes in sports, events and portrait photography. He also owns JSB Productions ( and produces video content for the College as the Video Intern at the Admission Office.


Web Editors:


Yinbo Gao:

Bo is currently a Junior Economic major and Computer Science minor from Henan, China. He joined Weekly because he wanted Weekly to become the best and most technological advanced college newspaper across the nation. He loves doing things that have never been done before. Bo found the startup Sylabo Creative, providing web and tech solutions to people with creative minds.


Abel Quintero:

Abel Quintero is a senior Cognitive Science major and Computer Science minor from Chicago. This is his first year working as a web editor/designer for the Weekly. When he isn’t designing or programming, you can find him slappin da bass. He hopes to pursue a career in UX design and web development.


Gyan Prayaga:

Gyan Prayaga currently attends Occidental in the hope of finding some sort of educational and personal fulfillment. He pretentiously refers to himself as a “Renaissance man.” and delights in his inability to master a single subject, preferring a transitory movement between physics, literature, economics, cognitive science, and other assorted disciplines.